ERL, Ergonomic Research Laboratory

May 25, 2024
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ERL, LLC Employment Information

ERL, LLC employs engineers, technicians, CAD designers, software engineers, account managers, marketing persons, and persons doing support and training.

ERL, LLC is a high tech company with a lean physical footprint. Company assets lie primarily in its proprietary technology and the skills of its employees in applying it. All of its founding members have strong technical backgrounds with diverse backgrounds in biomechanics, anthropometry, ergonomics, and software development. Growth depends on employees who are creative, have strong communication and business skills, and strong general computer skills. ERL, LLC takes pride in fostering a pleasant and flexible environment, and in turn expects creativity, honesty, and dedication to its mission. Employee medical, retirement and vacation benefits are highly competitive.

The Lansing area is home to Michigan State University, the state government of Michigan, and a diverse industry, including significant auto-related manufacturing. We live in a solid community with good schools, affordable housing, and diverse recreational opportunities.

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