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June 16, 2024
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Seat Design

The cost of product development is driven by an iterative design process that relies upon subjective opinions and prototype expenses in materials and labor.   ERL, LLC has developed tools that minimize this cost by incorporating human body models in a biomechanically biocompatible optimization algorithm that iterates the design and evaluation in the computer.

Seat design is developed in CAD-integrated software using an optimization algorithm and patented human body models to calculate seat patches at loaded and contact points on the STO surface.   Seat stiffness defines deflection under the weight of the occupant.   This software calculates a Comfort Score that correlates highly
(r = 0.8) with ride data from drivers.

With the seat patch geometry defining the centerline shape, bolster shape and head restraint position for FMVSS 202a, the stylist has no difficulty applying an artistic vision that can be built by the supplier.   Thus, the use of ERL reduces iterations at the Design Studio, provides communication between Engineering and Studio, and establishes a set of specifications that the Supplier must follow in a process that has been developed from math data.   This software is the only seat design software in the world and represents a major advance in the state of the art in seat design and evaluation.   With ERL, the seat design process becomes mathematical.

Standards for Seat Design

1. Design meets foam manufacturability tests
2. Design meets meat-to-metal criteria
3. Seat passes H-point test of SgRP
4. Seat passes states test of FMVSS 202a
5. Seat meets or exceeds comfort of ERLRUN_BR1
6. Occupants reach seat & vehicle controls comfortably
7. Seating package meets market criteria

Protected by US Patent No. 6840125, 7047831, 7347114 and German Patent No. 1019693

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