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June 16, 2024
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Styling Evaluation

A frontier in the automotive market lies in the interior.   A critical and the most expensive item in the interior is the seat.   Traditionally, the seat has been a challenge for communication between engineer and stylist, but with the development of math tools for visualization and physical simulation, the ability to communicate has evolved into simply acquiring the data in a form that can be used in these tools.

The math data not only provide a level of communication heretofore unavailable, but also provide the artist with critical geometrical information on the size of the seat.   ERL uses a CAD-integrated system to define the seat through a series of patches on the STO surface that fit the range of human body models from small femaless to large males sitting in an erect, neutral and slumped back postures.

The result is a seat that meets engineering requirements for manufacturability, ergonomics, and comfort.   The artist develops an appearance that is esthetically pleasing and ready for the competitive market.

Styling Evaluation: ERLRUN_2R1

1. Seat stiffness is same as ERLRUN_1R1
2. STO meets patch criteria from ERLRUN_1R1
3. STO meets foam manufacturability tests
4. STO meets meat-to-metal criteria
5. STO passes H-point test of SgRP
6. STO passes static test of FMVSS 202a
7. STO meets or exceeds comfort of ERLRUN_BR1
8. Seating package meets market criteria

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